Ticket Sales Intelligence

Verified $ales

TixINTEL's Flagship Product and the Leader of the Ticket SALES Intelligence Industry has taken Ticket Buying Decisions into the next Dimension. With 30+ Individual Data Points Per Sale and the Game's most efficient Order on Demand system.

You also have access to our Inside Picks called the "Lowson List," Many Brokers buy from Lowson's List eliminating Digging Time even further.

It's the best $75 a month you'll even invest. Our ROI is in the thousands of percent. Try it out risk free with our 30 Day Refund Policy.

Members Only Ancillaries

The $5 Minimum Pulling

Our Metrics prove that Primaries have taken ⅔ of the available Profits.
To be the largest, we must be the least expensive.
You decide if a Pull is worth more than the $5 Minimum.
We require you to put Orders into our system or be available for a Real-Time call.
Please text Drake at 3104474917 if you are interested.

Insider Deal$

TixIntel deals with Rights Owners and Live Event Creators to secure packages of seats before any Public Sales.
In addition, we also have Consignments that we dispose of to our top clients.
The minimum deal is $1mil; average deals are around $5mil.

Code Registration$

Unique Code$ is one of the last methods to get Cream at the Advertised Face Value.
As with Pulling, all Registrations get Manually entered, with each done on a separate computer.
And within all rules. We even use separate computers for each Registration.

TixINTEL Insider Membership

$75 Monthly
(Month to Month)

Insiders can use all 4 Services, and of course, there is a 7 Day trial. If you have questions, please email at insiders@tixintel.com.

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