TixINTEL Services are for Legit Brokers only.

Politicians realize when Fans get angry enough; they may lose Votes. The last time Primaries were in trouble, Bots got blamed, and Obama made the Federal Anti-Ticket Bot law. It ended the Era of Pulling Ticket Bots.

The two main reasons prices went up and only have a shot in the dark trying to buy Face Value tickets are:

  1. New Bots took over after Waiting Rooms started.
    • Mass-Tab Browser Bots: Negate Waiting Line Benefits for Fans and allow one computer to have hundreds of Waiting Lines per Computer per Hour (thousands of Mass-Tab Bots are used Daily.
    • Lottery Bots: Auto Register Thousands of Code Registrations per hour. Cheating Legit Brokers who register once and play by the rules. Then Lottery Bot cheaters sell the Codes in Scalper Code markets.
  2. Primary Sellers allow Reselling, Dynamic Pricing, Platinum, and VIP seats mixed with Face Value tickets.
    • Dynamic Pricing: The more compitition, the higher the prices rise. Yet the compitition is the Bots, not Single buyers, driving up prices.
    • Categorizing Seats: Platinum, VIP, or whatever fancy name thought of to justify higher prices, yet seats are the same as regular-priced tickets.

You Decide Overs above our $5 Minimum Pulling Plan.

All TixFAN Shoppers (Fans like it better than Pullers) are 100% Manual, Registered, Verified Fans earning a commission on tickets they buy for our Clients.
TixINTEL provides all you need, including an Ordering System for up to 4 Specs per Event.
Overs above $5 are easy; when we settle accounting once a week, Ken and the clients go over production and determine what’s fair.

New Tours & Code Registrations:

They get posted multiple times daily, so you are always aware of the latest announcements.

TixINTEL Rankings

Our rankings combine all sources that pass our due diligence and produce a top 1000 list.

Code Registration$

We provide the Flip Phones, our Manual Pullers, and the SIM card, and have our TixFAN Shoppers also manually register Code Registrations one at a time.

Our clients can increase the number of Accounts and their chances of Code Opportunities. We all know the most profitable seats will continue to come from Code Sales.

Easy To Get Help

TixINTEL is a company that will always be easy to get a hold of, and Ken includes advising Brokers when they want a second opinion or want us to go after a Direct Buy.

TixINTEL is constantly improving and will continually improve our systems to ensure your Profits are on the Upswing.